Thursday, May 6, 2010

an australian animator in deutschland...

hallo, danke gut morgen...
so... i premiered my film 'TNSGEG' at one of the largest animated film festivals in ze world last nite, the Stuttgart International Festival of the Animated Film (in German - the Trickfilmfestivale). strangely i did not feel nervous (much) as i stood on the stage in front of, saaayyy, maybe 7 or 800 people as i was interviewed by a famous german tv star. all in all it went swimmingly... i didn't make any culturally insensitive remarks - the worst (which occurred later in the evening) was an unfortunate mention of a woman's hair colour (nancy from belgium - the first lady of the european film festival scene).. all i said in relation to her flaming chilli red hair was that 'my mum naturally has the same coloured hair'... 'naturally' being the fau pax. anyway, forgiveness was found in a glass of red wine.. oopsiedaisy..

here is some cheese... very large cheese.. as modeled by my beautiful lil sister Lisa... it's nothing to do with Germany, but it is very interesting nonetheless.. thank you Lisa..

overwhelmingly, my film was received very well - i like the German's very much for laughing in the right places - they share my sense of humour.

let me give a shout out to some of the other great films i have seen so far.. 'family portrait' by joseph pierce (a very nice animator who enjoys baring his chest to the german club crowd, but sadly does not represent his country well on the football field), 'lucky' by darcy prendergast - an awesome light painting animation that was made in melbourne (if you squint you can see my silhouette in some of the shots), 'crocodill' - a wickedly absurdist estonian comedy, 'runaway' by cordell baker - the oscar shortlisted film that very very very much deseved to be nominated and WIN the damn award, and an awesome russian 2d animaation - i think called 'walk dog road' - i'll check that - about a world of dog poop and a lonely and hard working poop cleaning machine... twas tre cute and beautifully crafted..

ok, pretzels und coffee call for me, and then it's off to a film makers talk - note to self, don't mention hair colour...

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