Wednesday, April 28, 2010


making a website is hard... well, it is if you're a luddite when it comes to things like actionscript, or cssssss style thingo's...

HOWEVER! but for a few minor changes that my obsessive-compulsive-perfectionist disorder (OCPD) will no doubt shortly enforce, my website is brand spanking new and updated!

huzzah! it even has links 'n' stuff...

soon i will put a link on facebook and twitter and then sit back, relax, and watch the hordes of users roll by...

here's a pic... yes, that's it uuuuuupppppp there.

i've been putting some more stuff up on vimeo and the youtoobe too.. shortly i will put links on the blog.

and, speaking of links - here's one to my website:

tonight i will have a go at animating a bird using light and shadow... more on that later.

cheerio for now,

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